Panera Bread Bagel Tuesdays 13 Bagels For $6.99

Panera Bread Bagel Tuesdays 13 Bagels For $6.99

Today is super cheap fresh baked bagel day at Panera Bread, and it’s not just today, it’s every Tuesday. They can be either all plain or mixed any way which you want. You can order them ahead of time online at www.panerabread.com for rapid pick up and all your bagels will be waiting for you in a handled cardboard box on the rapid pick up shelf, or if they happen to be out of something they will ask you what you want to replace it with when they see you looking on the shelf and not finding your order.

13 bagels is an awful lot to try to eat in one household before they get not-so-fresh tasting, so bring some to the office to share. If you do let them go stale and they will be wasted, birds will love you if you break them up in little pieces and toss them out. I know they say feeding dogs human food is bad, but my 19 year old mutt has been stealing bagels from me most of his life and just loves it when they are hard and crunchy like dog bones. I typically only let him keep the plain ones, and I don’t even buy the chocolate chip ones as that would be really, really bad if he got hold of them so keep that in mind and never let your dog have chocolate chip bagels it can be poisonous.

Panera Bread makes a ton of money from the convenience of selling cream cheese in various flavors to go with these bagels, so try to save a few pennies and get cream cheese on sale at the grocery store ahead of time. Around the holidays especially Philadelphia brand cream cheese goes on sale for around a dollar, and will keep many months in your refrigerator.

You can do a lot of things with a dozen bagels. You can use plain or asiago cheese bagels to make breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon or sausage and cheese. You can use them as buns for hamburgers or warm turkey cheddar or ham cheddar sandwiches. You can add some pizza sauce and cheese and maybe some diced pepperoni to make toasted pizza. You can slice the Everything Bagel thin and bake them as a great tasting dip chip. Maybe you can think of enough ways to use your 13 bagels, I’m happy sharing the ones I know won’t eat, although I’ve tried them every which way because $6.99 is such a great deal.

The blueberry bagel is my favorite if I just want a bagel to be a bagel. It goes great with their blueberry cream cheese if I’m splurging, but is just as good with the aluminum foil wrapped Philadelphia cream cheese I paid a dollar for in my fridge drawer.

I recommend getting one of bagel each to try one Tuesday, so the next time you order you will know exactly what you’d like to get for different things. If you plan your meals for Tuesday and Wednesday around bagel components some weeks, you can shave money off your grocery bill.


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