Orico 5-Port High Speed USB Cell Phone Charger Review

Orico 5-Port High Speed USB Cell Phone Charger Review


Every time I upgraded cell phones I used to have to buy new chargers and new setups. I was talking to a friend of mine in the telecommunications industry about having to have a separate surge protector just to plug in all the chargers, a big tangly mess. He suggested that I try an Orico. This was a move I should’ve made way before, but I didn’t know about it. The company who makes these is an Asian company based in Hong Kong, so I suppose its a sort of tell-a-friend kind of thing if you’re in the states, so here I am telling you.

The Orico unit is very high quality and sleek in appearance and design. It allows you to plug in five USB cords to hook to your devices in one place. Three of the ports are 1A regular speed chargers, the other two are 2.4A fast chargers. My surge protector has two fast chargers of the same 2.4A amp built in, but I spent nearly $30 on it (and that was squeezing in sale deals and coupons), and I still had buy the extra chargers for my other devices, and it was extra sloppy looking, and it was a pain to maintain plugging everything in as with all those plugs they seemed to always come unplugged and in the morning inevitably something wouldn’t have been charging overnight and my battery would be dead.

To compare, my original setup was a $30 surge protector, two $10 USB cords that were getting pretty worn out, and three LG chargers that were about $20 each. In total the setup cost about $110 just to maintain my devices power supply. The Orico setup was $30 for the unit and $20 for six cords that I bought separately, so $50 to maintain the same amount of devices, and only takes up one outlet space.

I went to Amazon and found a 6pk of charger cables for my LG devices for under $20 and have been using 5 of them on the Orico and the 6th one in the car with a different charger unit that accepts USB cables.

My Orico unit is working great and charges my phone more reliably than other chargers by far. I have bought charging pads and other types of chargers that do not work as well as this setup.

I think I spent nearly $30 when I bought my Orico, to be honest I would have spent twice that and not been mad at all, it was a great investment. They are on sale for $19 now on New Egg with Free Shipping if you want to try one out, its a super cheap way to organize your charging station that is reliable and good quality – New Egg Orico Product Link

All those extra cords and chargers are now just backups if I need one in a pinch, or travel chargers, and are in a shoebox in my closet, where I hope I never have to look at them again.

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