Shopping Tips

The Spare My Wallet Guide For Spending Less Money And Saving When You Shop Online

  • Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING offers habitually when shopping online, so many stores offer it that its easy to avoid paying shipping. If one store doesn’t have free shipping, another store probably will so shop around before paying shipping costs.
  • Use coupons such as $50 off $250 or more when possible, but also combine those with cash back rebates sites to get even more money off your purchase.
  • Buy two items if there’s a Buy One Get One Free Or 50% Off Special.
  • Shop considering available mix & match discounts. Sometimes you can add a cheap item you didn’t even want to the cart and it will lower the cost significantly of your main item due to mix and match stacking discounts kicking in.
  • Trust merchants who use the Google Trusted Store Badge on the corner of their website to insure your purchase. An example of a store that uses this is Petco (scroll to the bottom). Not only is this badge difficult for merchants to get, if anything goes wrong with your purchase and they don’t fix it Google will step in assist with your refund and the merchant may lose that privilege they worked so hard to get if they give Google issues. No one wants to go up against the giant Google machine so seeing that badge assures your peace of mind.
  • Save by signing up for subscription purchases. Target offers a repeat delivery service but requires you to order and pay for the item one time first. Amazon offers a Subscribe & Save service you can edit any time without making an instant purchase to save 15% off your purchases. Chewy.com offers excellent service and fast delivery on pet related items for repeat delivery. Subscription services can be paused, delayed, moved up, or cancelled by logging into your website account management settings.
  • Before checking out on any website, go to google.com and type whatever merchant you’re shopping on + the words “coupon code”. For example, search for “Lowe’s Coupon Codes” and check the first 10 or so websites that appear to see who has the best coupon code currently for shopping online with that merchant.
  • Before checking out on any website, go back to your cask back site and reactivate the link to get credit for the shopping trip, if you’ve been looking around the site a long time your session may have expired so resetting is a good way to ensure you will receive cash back credit.