Netflix Still The Best Alternative To Cable

Netflix Still The Best Alternative To Cable

A Comparative Look At Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Sling TV
I currently have my Hulu Plus subscription on hold, and I’m thankful they let me do that, because I can pay the $12 a month for a no commercial plan and just pause the subscription when I’m actively using my Netflix instead. Right now there happens to be a lot of new episodes on seasons I follow on Netflix, so rather than having to cancel my Hulu account, I can just stop paying for it whenever I want, and come back to it when I want and turn it back on. It takes me a while to watch everything on Netflix and feel bored with the selection, but when I do, its time to turn on the Hulu Plus.

I’ve got all these services mentioned, but honestly, I keep going right back to Netflix the good old stand by from day to day for most things I watch. The interface is more attractive and works with less buffering issues than other services. They do tend to be a little more behind on seasons than Hulu or Amazon, but they also have a larger variety to choose from to more than make up for the difference.

Sling TV wasn’t quite what I expected, I had to sign up for the $30 a month plan to even get anything close to the amount of channels I had with cable television. The programs are all arranged by network and when you click a network logo you can see what’s on, what’s coming up and watch past programs on demand. It’s a nice interface, but I would have like to have seen a centralized TV Guide sort of listing to tell me all things that are on and coming up instead of having to go network by network. Additionally the app for Sling wasn’t available on all my devices, including a PS3 so that was a downfall of the service for me.

Amazon Prime is by far the clunkiest of all the services and eats a lot more bandwidth causing more buffering issues than the other providers. They do have some unique programming the other services don’t have that makes it worthwhile to have the service for me, but you’d have to see what programs you like that aren’t on the others to judge whether its right for you.

A Basic Rundown Of The Service Costs

spare-my-wallet-editors-choiceNetflix – $8 per month for 1 user or $12 per month for up to 5 users in different households.


Hulu – $8 per month for 1 user with commercials or $12 per month for 1 user without commercials, free two week trial available.


Amazon Prime Video – $99 per year included with Amazon Prime membership, good for all members of 1 household, free 1 month trial available, comes with Amazon Prime, Prime Pantry and Prime Now benefits.


Sling – Plans from $20 per month for live tv, free 1 week trial available.


Maybe one day a new company will come online and offer us the world of entertainment options for us for pennies, but for now Netlfix remains the tv and movie giant of the internet. Nice try other guys though, keep improving and maybe one day you can beat this household name that is rapidly replacing cable subscriptions everywhere.

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