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Make Slurpees, Freezes, And Slushes Better At Home For Less Money With The Great Northern Ice Shaver

Make Slurpees, Freezes, And Slushes Better At Home For Less Money With The Great Northern Ice Shaver

If you add up all the money you spend all summer or even all year on shaved ice cold drinks, either the Fiesta Freezes at Taco Bell, or the classic Slurpee at 7-11, or Sonic Slushes, Frozen Drinks, Italian Ice, Popsicles, or whatever your favorite thirst quencher may be, it can add up to hundreds of dollars very quickly. Many of the components of those drinks are high in sugar and can cause you to have health issues too.

At the beginning of the summer this year I decided to save a little money and buy a Jelly Belly Ice Shaver to shave ice at home. At first I used the liquid syrups that you can spend $5 each on but then I realized that 100% fruit juice was so much better over that shaved ice! I got to use that ice shaver for about 5 weeks before the cheap plastic parts on it broke. It had two medium size ice tray bowls that I dumped filtered water into regularly and dumped the frozen bricks into a Ziploc bag to build up an ice cube supply so I could have constant frozen drinks. It worked OK when it worked but I was definitely not going to reinvest in plastic parts again after that one broke so fast.

Without my Jelly Belly Shaver I was determined to find something better, something lasting, something industrial and commercial, something that would be perfect for making great fine shaved ice. I set out to research the market for this type of product over the course of a few days. I found that most of the ice shavers range around $50 and were similar quality to what I had already broken without barely getting enough use from it. But one company seemed to have above average reviews, and was priced affordably for industrial quality, the Great Northern Popcorn Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker seemed to be the industry standard best so I decided to go with their product.

The machine retails on their website for almost $350 bucks, but I was not about to pay the manufacturer’s asking price so once I decided that this was the industry standard for the best machine I could get at an affordable price I shopped around for the best deal I could get on it. Walmart had the machine for just under $200 that could be shipped to my local store free. I bought a discount Walmart gift card and used cash back on the gift card purchase and the Walmart purchase itself to order it, which in total cost me about $180.

Getting this huge monstrosity of a machine was an adventure of its own due to its sheer size and weight. Even the Walmart employees seemed surprised at how large of a box an Ice Shaving machine came in, and that it weighed nearly 100lbs. When I got it home I quickly realized it was far too industrial for my kitchen counter, it was just too super big and bulky. I thought I was going to have to return it and that I’d made a bad purchase on this because of its size, but it was so high quality and I got such a great deal on it wanted to keep it bad.. It just seemed like I was in the back of a concession area or at a drive thru where they were about to pass me a massive sized drink while standing in my kitchen with it. I thought about it for a bit then realized I could just treat this machine like a stand alone unit water cooler style and set it on its very own table in the kitchen and this solved that “OMG ITS SO BIG” issue for me.

When I tried the machine I realized immediately the quality and the power of what I had purchased, and there was definitely no more thought of even the possibility of returning it, I had hit the jackpot with this item and was confident it was going to make me many great drinks. I tried the ice chipper setting and got a nice gritty shaved ice, and I tried the fine snow setting and got ice shaved so fine it was literally like eating snow.

The machine did not come with a ice trays, but I was able to use some plastic Tupperware containers for the smaller size blocks, and the machine will hold a 1-gallon plastic paint can sized cube of ice if you have a lot of drinks to make for a party or event.

A favorite of mine with this machine has become Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice dumped over the middle setting on the ice shaver, it’s far better than the Cranberry Slushes I used to get at Sonic. I’ve also dumped Sprite over the ice and got a really great tasting drink. I’ve made frozen lemonade by dumping some fine sugar and lemon juice over the ice and then adding water and stirring. Orange Juice and Grape juice becomes a yummy frozen treat dumped over the ice too. If I really am craving a Slurpee, I just dump some Coke over the ice and stir it up, and it tastes far fresher and better than the stuff that’s been in the machine all day in the store. If you wanted all the sugar you could literally dump Kool-Aid or whatever other sugary drink over the ice all the same too and I’m sure it would be awesome.

Fine shaven super cold ice makes every drink taste so good you’ll never want to pay for one again somewhere else.

I would call the Great Northern Ice Shaving Machine one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen for perfect drink ice. Just plan on ordering a table to go under it unless you have a lot of counter space without cabinets overhead. This machine is not just for concessions you can use it at home too, think of it as an investment into consuming healthier drinks and hydrating yourself at home without relying on drinks served to you through drive through windows or convenience stores that love to see you and your wallet coming. Over the course of a few months it will pay for itself if you stay away from paying others for your drinks.

If you’re going to buy this setup, I recommend ordering straws and cups in bulk. I got 10,000 Dynarex individually wrapped white bendable straws for less than $30 on Amazon, which should last me about 10 years so I’m pretty satisfied with that bulk purchase and highly recommend others to check into a bulk deal like that on the little things having an ice shaving machine will consume that will wind up costing you money over time. If you plan ahead you can get those expenses down to pennies.


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