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Register A Free Google Voice Phone Number

google-viewBenefits of Google Voice
Your voicemail transcription is sent to your email. You can also forward sms text messages to your email. One number rings to all your phones. You can block callers with just one click and place insanely cheap international calls. Note that you can set a personalized greeting and create free conference calls. You can only assign your real cell phone or real phone number to a free Google Voice number one time, if you reassign the number a second time to get another number it will remove it from the first account and the first account will eventually close if you do not associate a real phone with it.

Sign Up For A Free Skype Chat Account

skype-logoSkype has come a long way since the days of the original Skypecasts that many users used to chat with people all over the world conference call style. These days its the industry standard tool for chatting online user to user and for making free Skype voice or video calls.  For users who would like to avoid long distance and international charges Skype is a perfect way to stay in touch without spending anything.  Go to Skype.com to download the free Skype client and sign up for a username.