Free Office Docs

google-docs-bannerUse Google Docs To Organize

An added bonus to having a gmail account is it automatically gives you free storage of something called Google Docs, if you’ve used Microsoft Excel or Office its very similar except that its hosted online and saved to your gmail account – making it a perfect place to store your login information for the websites you sign up to shop on.

Google Docs are easy to work together with another person on a collaborative project as both of you can edit the same document. Android cellular phone devices can access and edit the documents easily. If a mistake is made the documents keep a revision history that allows you to restore back to any point. You can also store files such as logos or forms on your Google Drive with your documents. You can access these saved files and documents from any computer that can access the internet without having to save files to every machine you use.

Free Office Software Suite

Apache OpenOffice has been a staple in free office software for many years providing a free alternative to Microsoft Office that costs hundreds of dollars for a legitimate copy.  The program supports many languages and works on all computers.  The suite has programs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It automatically creates checkpoints to save your data in case of a system crash while you are working. Download the latest copy of Apache OpenOffice suite directly from their website.

Other Resources
7-Zip – Free utility to open pen .tar, .zip, .rar files, an alternate to WinZip that requires no registration
Foxit – Free utility to open .pdf files that are large or include many pages as Adobe PDF Viewer does not perform as well for those
PasteBin | Imgur | Puush – Good utilities for uploading pictures online so you can link to them somewhere.