Free Email Accounts

Sign up to receive offers from your favorite shops, sometimes they will send exclusive coupons, but never use your main or work email for this purpose. Email lists are regularly sold by various merchants so you need to expect that you will start to receive unwanted spam on any email you make a purchase with online.

If you already have an email address that is your name consider adding a word after your name such as orders or shopping to drive all your purchase and shopping advertisement clutter to a separate email box. For example, if your real email is papasmurf@gmail.com sign up for papasmurforders@gmail.com or something similar.


Create A FREE Gmail Email Account

Gmail is the most widely used free email today. An account gives you a fast easy way to log in to your favorite websites, and comes with Google Docs, Youtube, free spam filtering, free pop mail if you like to download mails to store them on your hard drive, free imap if you like to leave the emails stored on the server, and free password recovery if you forget your login access. It also interfaces particularly hassle free on your Android device and stores your visited places to the Google Maps portion of your account to speed up your GPS suggestions while you’re driving so you don’t have to type the full address of places you’ve previously visited if its too noisy for a voice search to pick up your destination. Click here to get a free Gmail email address.

Get A FREE Yahoo Email Account

Some users prefer the look and feel of a Yahoo account, especially if they are already using Yahoo Messenger to chat. You can get unlimited email storage on your free Yahoo email account but the biggest reason to sign up for a Yahoo account is still to chat.  If you like using Yahoo for chatting, you can use it from your email without downloading the Yahoo Messenger program that will take up space on your hard drive.  To sign up for a free Yahoo email address register your information here.