Free Debit Cards

Get A Free VISA Reloadable Debit Card From Walmart
Afraid to give your bank account information over the internet? Walmart has made it easier than ever to get around that with their prepaid reloadable debit cards. You can deposit cash at a Walmart store onto the card, and spend the money on it anywhere that accepts the VISA logo. If you go over there are no overlimit fees, your last purchase will simply decline. They have a card on the website you can view here, but if you go to the store and look through the gift card area at checkout and get the Walmart Black card there is no fee to load or reload the card at the register and no monthly fee if you load a few hundred dollars each month to the card (this could be a portion of your paycheck via direct deposit to eliminate the hassle of keeping up with the deposits manually if you prefer). If you opt to direct deposit your paycheck to your Walmart Black card you can get your money 24 hours before payday.

Get A Free Mastercard Reloadable Debit Card From Paypal

paypal-debit-cardPaypal Mastercard Debit Card Is Free And Gives 1% Cash Back on all purchases. Paypal has been in business a long time and is a reputable company to do financial business with.  The best part about them is they aren’t picky if you have bad credit and they don’t put you through a big setup hassle, they just accept that you are letting them hold your money and take their little fee when you make Paypal payment transactions with them.  Most of the time you as the buyer aren’t paying any fee at all, its the seller that’s getting hit with that.  If you are using the actual debit card you should be getting 1% back and not paying any fees. You can always use the debit card anywhere that accepts the Mastercard logo, but Paypal payments are widely accepted by many online merchants and some stores accept it in store even if you don’t have the actual debit card they have a login on their checkout terminal you can login your email and authorize payment, Dollar General is one I’ve seen on the forefront of this.  Among the most popular places to use your Paypal account is at Ebay, Etsy, New Egg, Walmart, Best Buy. but there’s many more click here for a list of stores that accept Paypal.  To add money to your Paypal debit card you can sell your new or used items on Ebay, sell your handmade or unique items on Etsy, you can add your bank account and transfer funds from your bank account for free, or you can go to certain retailers that participate in Paypal Cash to add funds.  A service free of $3.95 applies if you use the Paypal Cash option click here for more information on how to turn your cash into Paypal money.

wawa-logoNever Pay ATM Fees At Wawa! Stop by any Wawa convenience store and use their ATM provided by PNC Bank who offers no surcharges to withdraw cash with no added ATM fee no matter what debit card you use.  Consider it your go to free ATM machine that happens to be open 24 hours a day.

coinstar-logoWant to shop online with a card without opening a debit card account? Grab all the loose change in your house, find a Coinstar machine (some Walmart’s have them inside) and trade in your change for a gift card to many stores you can shop at online such as Amazon for no fee. You could trade the coins in for cash and pay the fee, but this way you lose none of your money and you get to shop online with the gift card.  Sometimes you can even get back more cash than you put in, such as putting in $40 but getting a $50 gift card.  Check the different retailers offers on the machine.