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fafsaFree Financial Aid For College Bound Students
Website: https://fafsa.ed.gov

The U.S. Department of Education has grants and other assistance to help low income families send their young adults off to college.  Grants never need to be repaid, and while your student will be offered college loans often loans are not necessary and we strongly recommend against taking them out unless absolutely needed. Loans for college are usually federal loans that will devastate your credit if not repaid and will be collected from your taxes and possible other legal action against you.  A hard working student can earn enough scholarships and receive enough grant money to put themselves through college without any money out of pocket.  Fill out your FAFSA form as soon as possible after the new year each year to get the first dibs on the best grants.  The longer in the year you wait to file the less funds are still available.  The best time to fill out a FAFSA form initially is the new year that comes during the college bound students junior year of high school.  The sooner you get the paperwork in the more you will be ale to qualify to receive.  Additionally, even if you’re not yet sure if you will live on campus or not or will go out of state or not apply as if you will live on campus and out of state as this will maximize your highest potential for receiving the most funds to help pay for college and will keep options wide option.

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