Free Advertising

google-adwords-100Get $75 or $100 Free Advertising Credit From Google

Depending on what sort of webhosting or domain accounts you have you may see an ad similar to this somewhere in your account for $100 off Google Adwords.  If you cannot find one you can still go straight to the Google Adwords site and get a $75 coupon when you spend $25 to advertise your website.

The service yields a good amount of traffic to your website for a small investment. This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to drive traffic to your site to rank higher in searches.  But, whether its effective to gain actual business enough to pay for itself if you were paying full price can be tricky so do some testing and experimenting with the free credit before you spend any serious advertising dollars to appear on Google ads. The world wide web is a very big place, and your site is one in a million so don’t pay a lot of money expecting miracles.  Do take advantage of the free credit to explore what traffic coming to your website does for your online presence both for how high you appear on the search when you look for keywords similar to your business and for how many contacts you make from the ads.  You can’t always measure the success of the ads in terms of sales at first, because people will bookmark your site and come back later when they have money for something they saw and wanted.

While Facebook free ad coupons are virtually a thing of the past to see anymore, Google still manages to offer consistent coupons both from their website and from various partners.  They are quick to discontinue your ads if there is anything at all wrong with your payment method on file, which they are also quick to charge in $25-ish increments.  Make sure your payment method is up to date to avoid interruptions of your ads.

waze-adsAdvertise On Waze With A $30 Free Credit

Waze is a popular traffic app that can be used to see potential traffic hazards on your travel routes, which is particularly useful commuting to and from work to avoid heavily congested traffic areas. If you visit the Waze Advertising website by clicking here you can get a $30 credit free to start you off advertising your business on Waze. Your business is shown to drivers approaching your location. You decide how much you’re willing to pay for each view of your map pin as well as your total monthly spend.

Free Online Classified Ads – Sign up for a free account with Craigslist and list your item for sale to your local community, advertise your business, list real estate, and more.