Gift Cards Are My New Best Friend

Gift Cards Are My New Best Friend

Its pretty genius that some companies organized all the wasted and unused gift cards people get for all the commercialized holidays.  

Grandma gives you a $100 gift card to some sweater store that you absolutely hate, but you can use that cash, so you sell it on a reputable gift card exchange and someone like me buys it for say 80-90% of the face value and uses it online on their order instantly.  It’s a merchant’s worst nightmare, as previously most unused balances on gift cards were just unclaimed cash making the big corporations richer.

I don’t know why I never tried it before, it seemed too good to be true, or like a new internet scam that suddenly showed up on the online shopping scene destined to victimize the online shoppers who are looking to save a few bucks.  

I had some extra cash in a separate debit account to work with so I though I would try it.  I would never have used my bank account on a random website but since there were only limited funds in this prepaid account I felt it was safe enough to test out these too-good-to-be-true type websites and report which were actually good companies and which seem to be scams.

I had the best luck with Raise.com snagging a $170 Walmart card for $142 and a $100 Lowe’s card for $85.  I used both online, placed my orders, and received my goods.  I also activated cash back links and applied coupon codes to these purchases, which netted me between 29% and 44% off the total value of the purchases.  

I’ve used Raise a dozen or so times with no problems at all. My electronic delivery codes are always emailed near instantly. Saveya.com is OK as well I’ve used them a few times with similar service as Raise. I like Raise better because their cash back option from CouponCabin.com works flawlessly to get an additional .5%-3% back on the purchase of your already discounted gift card. A couple of the other companies I tried were horrible, I’ll list them on the blacklist page of this website along with the issues I experienced as I keep trying new ones that are awful over time.

Gift cards are really my new best friend.  If you have them sell them online and get paid, you can even sell ones that are partially used and get paid a percent of of the value left on the card.  Trust me, someone like me is just waiting to snatch them up for anything over 5% savings its worth the few clicks it takes and the 5 minutes it may take for the delivery of the gift card codes by email to save money.


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