DynamiX 5 Theme For WordPress By Acoda Software Review

DynamiX 5 Theme For WordPress By Acoda Software Review

Having designed several hundred websites over the last few decades I was not very anxious to do yet another. I wanted to register sparemywallet.com and begin telling people about ways I’ve found to save money online, and about the products I buy and services I use but I was literally dreading spending so much time designing a website just for coding standards to change and everything to have to be redone all over again. I wanted to just be able to write and add photos, and make some graphics here and there and not really get bogged down in tedious coding for hours on end that might break or I’ll have to constantly wade through to edit.

I’ve used WordPress in the past to varying successes and failures depending on the company I was building the site for, but this time when I installed one of the best free themes you can get on the market, HarmonUX Core, I just couldn’t swallow using the free design. I didn’t like how close the text sat to the edges of the page and the overall simplicity of the design and lack of enough full version features for me just wasn’t convincing enough to pay for their full version. I could have written a stylesheet and redesigned the framework to my liking to be able to use it, but if I was going to do all that, I might as well have built it from scratch so I would be intimately familiar with every strand of code throughout the entire site. I decided to finally spend a few bucks instead of wasting time to reinvent the wheel, especially since I am saving so much money buying things online instead of in person.

While looking for a better solution for a theme that didn’t make me cringe to look at I found DynamiX 5 a theme by Acoda Software that looked extremely nice to the designers eye and was packed with so many features it virtually blew its competition out of the water. I thought it would be too good to be true at the low price of $59 for the theme with all its bells and whistles plus 6 months of support from their technical support team. For a little more, at just $76 I was able to get an additional 6 months of support, just in case.

The download was easy and straightforward, and I installed the theme with no problems during installation and setup. It was everything it promised to be and I was up and running right off the bat with it. There were 5 small issues that I nit picked to death until working correctly that most people probably wouldn’t have noticed or cared about. Many of those issues concerned the NEWS drop down panel at the top of the site next to the search that displays current consumer news from major sites and networks. I wanted the news area to be functional so I can read it regularly to stay up on what scams and ripoffs to avoid and read relevant consumer and financial news. I could not look at it regularly with mistakes to its function that I knew would eventually drive me crazy so I made sure to ask for help with that issue.

The bigger thing that impressed me with the purchase of this DynamiX 5 theme turned out to be hidden behind the theme itself. The customer support that went with it was far beyond what I’ve experienced when getting support from virtually any similar company on the internet. Acoda has you sign up to a forum where you can post a private reply to a tech that is assigned to your thread or case. The tech assigned to my case mailed me back within a 12 hour period with answers to every question over a 5 day period, even on the weekends. Every single issue I could possibly find with the template, even trivial, was fixed to work flawlessly. (By the way if you ever do notice any oddness on this site please do use the contact links to let me know!)

I bought and paid for 12 months of support, but I think I’m good to go really already. Still, I feel a lot better that I have the help in case I do need it. With that kind of support I’m going to have to pay attention to what else the author has to offer. I also told some of my friends they should use the theme instead of the old junk sites I built for them 10 years ago.

What used to take me a month of grueling hard coding and graphic design work back then, I was able to do in 3 short days to put this website together, with an extra 2 days of nit picky tweaking just because I’m a perfectionist and had more time on my hands than I expected after the setup of this theme. Now I get to just focus on content, but I wanted to say thanks to Acoda, and tell others about this really easy to use nice theme. If you’re looking to build a website, I highly recommend it. I also purchased the plugin called Max Mega Menu for the navigation bar of this site which took me only about an hour to customize and has many features I’m not even using.

If you use this template for your website as a result of reading about it here, please share your thoughts on it with me in reply and I’d love to check our your new site! I hope you love it and the tip helps you get up and running fast!


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