Drugstore.com Closing Soon Watch for Deep Discounts

Drugstore.com Closing Soon Watch for Deep Discounts

Right after I created an article to promote one of my favorite sites, Beauty.com, I received a mail the next day from their sister company Drugstore.com that their rewards program was ending this month.

That was disappointing enough, then I got word that their Auto Reorder program was also ending, which I thought was odd because that just seemed like they had given up on getting business from their customers.

Then today came the real shocker when I got word that they are no longer allowing any returns of any kind for any reason and all items will be sold as-is without warranty.

Worse yet, they announced on their twitter site they are closing soon, and although Drugstore.com and Beauty.com has avoided up until now telling their customers the doors are about to close, you can expect all sales to be final and their business to close on September 30th, 2016.

Liquidation deals and big clearances will be happening on both websites soon, so if you’re looking for big savings, keep your eye on this once pharmaceutical and retail giant as they fall offline and make way for Walgreens to take a bigger step forward in the industry.

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