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More Ways To Save Money, Spend Less, And Cut Down On Waste

In addition to all the good ways to save money above try these ideas to save even more:

    • Keep your tires full of air to reduce your overall gas costs by as much as 10%.
    • Unplug devices when not in use to prevent phantom power usage that will cost you money.
    • Use a no fee ATM for withdrawing cash, such as those available in Wawa convenience stores, or find your own banks ATM to avoid a charge.
    • Plan a grocery list ahead of time based on the grocery stores weekly ads to reduce impulse buys and save time to get everything you need. Try to take advantage of sales and only buy sale items if you can. If its apple season apples will probably be on a seasonal sale so pay attention to what the seasonal sales have to offer too. Consider buying generic or store brands if the savings are worth it to you.
    • Pay attention to in-store coupons, such as the ones that peel off items you buy to use at checkout, the ones that spit out of an electronic sensor dispenser as you walk buy, and the ones that print out with your receipt at checkout for your next order.
    • DIY Projects are trendy and may ideas to spark your creativity are freely available online, don’t throw old things away, repurpose them.
    • Move in with relatives and split bills to reduce your and their overall costs of daily living.
    • Sleep a little longer to use less electricity, eat less, and improve health to lessen doctors visits.
    • Keep your hair short to reduce cost of water, shampoo, and conditioner as well as electricity if you blow dry your hair. Also less hairs in the drain means less money on Drain-o type products or plumbers.
    • Make popcorn the old fashioned way and buy it in bulk to save on snack costs.
    • Have a pantry meal deal. Instead of buying more food, clean out your pantry and fridge and freezer and see what you can make all day to sustain you. Browse free online recipes to help you be creative with your odd items.
    • Cook as many of your meals at home as you can, it will cost less, and be safer and healthier for you.
    • If you have leftovers from dinner, pack them for lunch the next day. If you don’t, pack a lunch anyway its much cheaper than buying food out. Pack some snacks and drinks too so you can avoid stopping at convenience machines to overpay for those.
    • Make your own coffee in a reusable mug to save money.
    • Take a Navy style shower by turning on the water to get wet, then turning it off while you soap up. Turn it back on and off as needed to reduce your water consumption.
    • Driving the speed limit and slowing down reduces your gas mileage significantly. Once you hit 60mph you are using more gas per mile than when you are driving less than that. If you’re hitting the brakes a lot you are wasting gas, try driving on the interstate at 55mph for a smooth cost efficient ride.
    • Make your home more energy efficient by planting trees around the sides and back to reduce heating and cooling costs. By shielding the sun and wind you can reduce your overall expenditure on utilities each month.
    • Keep a Google Doc log of your kitchens food expiration dates so you can plan to consume things before they go bad instead of forgetting about them and wasting them.
    • Keep a Google Doc of what prices you pay for regular items that you can access from your cell phone, or print out if you need to so you’ll know when a sale is really a good deal and can stock up and take advantage when store specials will mean the biggest savings to you.
    • If there’s certain items you use a lot of consider buying them in bulk to save, or subscribe to a service that offers a discount on the item if they deliver it to you periodically.
    • Buy quality items that will last you as long as possible instead of el-cheap-o brand that will wear out quickly and need to be replaced.
    • Pay your utility, tax, and credit card bills on time to avoid late charges, disconnect fees, and interest.
    • Ditch your cable and get Netflix for TV and Movie Entertainment for about $8 a month.
    • If you rarely use your internet but have a nice cell phone and a good data plan, consider dropping your internet service and use your phone’s tethering option to create a wifi hotspot that you can connect your laptop and other devices to in order to get on the internet. Its just as fast as most internet companies, but if you watch a lot of streaming it will eat through about 12GB a day or more of your data plan.
    • Ride your bike to work or to run errands to save on gas, and to get some exercise which will increase your health and you’ll spend less on sickness and doctor’s visits overall.
    • Get an updated quote on your car and home insurance, sometimes you can be overpaying by a lot after you’ve reached a different age class or other factors of your personal status have changed. Sometimes if you raise your deductible it can cut your monthly payment in half. If you carry home and auto insurance with the same company sometimes you can get a deduction.
    • If you’re paying full auto insurance to cover a classic car that is garaged as a collectors piece and rarely driven, you may qualify to pay an inexpensive annual Antique Auto Insurance premium. State Farm has one of these policies available for around $100 a year if you call their agents to ask about it specifically.
    • If you’re paying a high interest rate, check into your refinance options about once every six months to make sure you’re getting the current best rate you could be paying.
    • Get a library card and check out books, DVD’s, and CD’s for free.
    • Shop for used items at a second hand thrift shop. If you’re iffy on second hand items, purchase a clothing steamer for under $50 and spray fabrics down to fully sanitize them and to get out that “thrift store smell”.
    • Cell phone companies are constantly trying to offer more for less as technology keeps advancing. Check your plans upgrade eligibility and compare pricing regularly at least once every six months to make sure you’re paying the least for the most.
    • Avoid paying for long distance calls, try an alternative such as Skype to communicate long distance or sign up for a cell phone plan that includes unlimited long distance.
    • Organize your things very cheap by using Ziploc bags and shoe boxes.
    • Used dryer sheets can be used to dust furniture and leave a clean scent behind.
    • Repair and update old clothes one day to refresh your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn a shirt in months because its missing a button, a needle and thread and about 15 minutes will get you back in that old shirt in no time. If the buttons are outdated, change them out with a newer style or add different embellishments.