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Beauty Supplies 20% Off Thru August 8th, 2106 At Drugstore.com

Beauty Supplies 20% Off Thru August 8th, 2106 At Drugstore.com

It’s that time again where the beauty supplies you’ve been needing or wanting but not wanting to spend the money on can all be purchased for a fraction of what you can normally get them for. This week only at the partner site of Drugstore.com you can get just about anything from Beauty.com for 20% off your entire order.

I originally used this deal several years ago to pick up some very high quality Tweezerman tweezers at way below normal cost after stacking the 20% off with a $10 off $50 coupon from Beauty.com that came in a Drugstore.com order that I saved until I could make maximum use of it. For something I wouldn’t normally have bought those turned out to be the best tweezers I’ve ever owner and they were made even better by the fact that I got them so cheap.

The next time I used this 20% off offer some months later I ordered a Drugstore.com order first which arrived in just a few days as is usual. They sent me the $10 Beauty.com coupon in the box which I used along with the 20% off to get a really nice set of T3 Micro Hot Rollers. Those rollers are the best for shiny bouncy curls that last a really long time and make your hair feel soft and fresh. I was really happy to get a big discount on them.

I don’t know what treasure I’ll find there this time, but I had to share about this week’s deal.

I have been ordering several times a month from Drugstore.com for about 5 years now and my orders are always fast and perfect every time. Nothing is ever left out, and the wrong thing is never shipped. The items I order are never cancelled or backordered and are always in stock. I’ve been very impressed with their consistency. I did have a bottle of cleaning fluid leak in shipping one time and they replaced everything damaged in the whole shipment for me no hassle.

I could buy similar items at Walgreens or CVA Pharmacy or Rite Aid or such, but the variety at Drugstore.com is much greater and they have instant coupons you can apply to your order as well as free samples from time to time, and free shipping on $25 orders. They also seem to get the deepest discounts straight from the manufacturers.

Drugstore.com also does something I’ve never really seen anywhere, they keep track of what items you’ve bought all year qualify for FSA RX tax deductions. This is really handy if you claim medical expenses off on your taxes. Additionally, they offer a subscription service allowing you to set up repeat deliveries of your favorite items at an additional discount.

When you make purchases you can apply a cash back website like CouponCabin.com to the order to get an additional 5% back, plus Drugstore.com has their own cash back program that gives you store credit you can use on future orders and automatically accrues with every dollar you spend. The store credit dollars expire if not used within a certain time period.

Put them to the challenge and price compare your items with your favorite store, this week is a great time to have a look if you need anything beauty related. If you miss this sale don’t worry, there’s always another good one for something else coming up, sign up up for their newsletter to get notifications of promotions.

Update: The day after I posted this Drugstore.com sent out a notification that their Drugstore dollars rewards program was ending forever in about 30 days. Gee Drugstore.com, was it something I said? Or did I just get too many good deals in a row…


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