Amazon Pantry $5.99 Credit And $5 Gift Card

Amazon Pantry $5.99 Credit And $5 Gift Card

When you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime there’s an offer for a $5.99 credit towards your first Prime Pantry order. I’ve been impressed with my Subscribe & Save service in the past, so I though I would give it a try. I was a little worried about how a big giant box would do if I didn’t buy a lot of items, and moreso how things like chips that are easily destroyed if banged around too much in shipping would work out with this service.

I went to the website with a few hours to spare and looked through literally everything in the grocery section. The first thing I noticed was there is a lot of coupons you can click on that add money off the items, so I took advantage of the offers I couldn’t get that cheap in stores closeby. Admittedly many of the things I added to my cart were things I didn’t want or need, but they were just so cheap that it was hard to resist. The temptation to add things is even worse coupled with this month’s Prime promotion code PANTRYJUL that gives you Free Shipping when you order 5 or more items.

I tried to find a coupon code that would work for the order besides the $5.99 offer, and the free shipping, but none were to be found easily at least. I tried to find a gift card at a discount rate but seems those go pretty fast and none were available for sale. I did find that Amazon had a special promotion that when you load $100 to your Amazon gift card balance after clicking their promotion link they credit $5 more to your account, so that’s a 5% bonus and was worth it for me. I tried it twice, and to confirm it does only work one time. I spend enough on Amazon that it was worth checking out to see if it worked over and over. To find that promotion log into your Amazon account and go to Your Account › Manage Your Balance › Reload Your Balance or trying clicking here while logged into your account. It requires a minimum of $100 to get the $5 one time credit.

All in all I got a $10.99 discount plus free shipping on my order, in addition to all the coupons I clipped and saved. I did enable a cash back website for Amazon shopping, but I never got anything back I think because the cash back doesn’t cover Prime Pantry orders.

amazon-prime-pantry-box-contentsThe box arrived, it was left by a carrier that didn’t even knock so I was glad I was home and got it within 15 minutes of my cell phone Amazon app telling me the package was delivered.  It is summer and I would hate to taste foods that have sat out in the heat all day, so if you order keep it in mind to install the app to see when the package is coming and when its there because the delivery people don’t knock always to let you know you have this big giant mini grocery store at your door.  The box was huge and very sturdy. It was packed very well, everything inside was brand new and crisp and clean, seemingly newer than the groceries that sit on the shelves for months in stores that I often bring home. Perhaps Amazon does so much turnover with grocery orders that everything is constantly new, certainly everything that I’ve received has been super fresh.

amazon-prime-pantry-box-contents-foodsThe box itself had a sturdy cardboard insert that cradled neatly around my chips, and separated the heavy canned items from the more fragile type items. The bubble bags were laid neatly on top of each row. A+ to whatever robot put this package together. Amazon threw in a free grocery tote bag (the orange thing you can see in the back folded over). It held more than I expect, virtually the whole box of stuff fit inside it to move it to the kitchen.  I recycle most of the boxes I get, but this one was good enough quality that I saved it to reuse on heavier items I wanted to pack away.

The Amazon Prime Pantry service did not let me down on my first try, so I would say its definitely worth it if you’re doing the free Amazon Prime trial to get your $5.99 credit off the Prime Pantry and use a free shipping code to try it out.  If you don’t like it, their return process is very easy and automated so you can expect that your order will be straightened out if there is a problem.

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