A Months Savings

A Months Savings

I never realized how much money I was throwing away every month until I sat down to investigate all the ways there are to save money these days online.  Instead of just submitting my normal grocery orders I activated some coupon codes and cash back links to generate some savings.  

It added up so fast over the first few orders that I started searching for what other companies I already order from have similar deals.  From my cell phone bill, to my Amazon orders the coupons, discounts, and instant savings added up to $187.93 by the end of the month.  And, I’ve yet to see how much additional cash back I’ll get on the transactions I clicked through from rebate websites, the accounts have $44.89, $33.97, $8.44, $4.33 and some rewards points have stacked up also so far for the one month period.  Those rebates will post to my Paypal account after a while but I won’t count them as actual savings until they are there because anything can happen until the money is in my hands.

It wasn’t enough that I have figured out better ways to save even more, I thought I would organize the resources I’ve found and used successfully into one place to help others who are starting out shopping online.  Along the way I’ve also found some sites that were a hassle and I would recommend not to use, so I’ll keep a record of the issues with those up under the blacklist link so you can avoid the trouble.  I will add referrer links to some things on this site so I can get credit if you use the service, but other than that I will not be accepting any money for reviews of products and my opinions cannot be purchased.  I will only promote businesses, products, and services to be of the highest quality that I have been totally satisfied with, or I will tell you so in my reviews.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to write comments or drop me a line.  If you have a product or service you’d like me to review I will be happy to do so just use the contact links on the bottom of this site.

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