5 Reasons Why I Love Really Useful Boxes & Where To Get Em Cheap

5 Reasons Why I Love Really Useful Boxes & Where To Get Em Cheap

1. Quality. I’ve had plenty of Rubbermaid and Sterlite tubs and they last maybe a year (less if you stack them on top of each other) before the lids crack or don’t fit right anymore so nothing in the tub is actually sanitary by that point, its literally just wasted money. I discovered Really Useful Boxes a couple of years ago and the boxes I bought from them still look brand new and seal securely like the first day I got them. That’s what I expect when I spend good money, and that’s why I love Really Useful Boxes the most. I can put heavy old records, cds, papers, or whatever in them and stack them and the bottom one doesn’t fall apart over time from the weight of the others on it because they are durable.  Full disclosure I did manage to rough house and break one of the cheap $2 box handles, but the bigger boxes are made a lot thicker and have withstood me pulling things out of them for years.  Just like everything, you get what you pay for.  While the smallest ones you probably can’t drive your car over, I’m betting their biggest ones can withstand some serious weight coming down on them.  I can’t even be mad, because even with a broken handle this little box still holds things better than other brands of plastic boxes.  The interlocking handles help seal the lid down over the box which keeps even dust sealed totally out.  A big upgrade over the barely-on-there cheap tub lids I’ve used in the past.

2. Size Availability. The way I originally found out about this company was by doing an exhaustive search on the internet over a few day period to find the perfect slim under bed boxes. I hate wasting all the storage space under my bed, so I wanted a solution to pack away old sheets and pillowcases. I found the 20 Litre Really Useful Box that measures 28″ x 18″ x 4 3⁄4″ and bought 6 to fit under my bed. They were perfect. No other boxes had the slim profile and quality I was looking for, so while they won out by default in my decision to buy them, they were not at all a runner up prize. For me they became a new standard of quality in my home. Whenever I need storage boxes for anything I always go with Really Useful Box now that I know how good they are. Since they have a size for literally everything its easy to pick what fits best based on the dimensions the website lists and make a decision about what will be perfect for your intended purpose.

really-useful-boxes-stacked3. Stackability. While other plastic tubs barely stack without falling and can be very dangerous if stacked too high in storage areas these are totally flat when they lock together and are nearly impossible to tip over. They are designed so that certain ones fit in the grooves of an adjacent size, as is shown in the image we featured to give you an idea. I haven’t tried all of the sizes because they have so many and Really Useful Box isn’t paying me to post this so I’m not spending that kind of money on plastic tubs habitually, but I have a few hundred dollars worth of them I’m very happy with and will buy more over time.  I just think its handy how many boxes they have so I keep getting new ones for different things that stack with the ones I already own.  I never want to spend days on the internet hunting for a store box of specific size again, and I’m very happy I don’t have to now that I know who makes a really good set of them in all sizes.
really-useful-boxes-colors4. Personality. It only takes one watch of the creator of Really Useful Box on Youtube Mike Pickles to see the flair he’s put into their design. He’s like the Willy Wonka of storage boxes standing amdist all the colors and styles. The fact that he’s so passionate about his product and built the business from the ground up in his bedroom shows off so much of his personality and is a big attraction to be loyal to this company for their great product by a happy, intelligent, fun looking guy. He has a really great product, and he knows it so he literally named it appropriately which I think was pretty neat of him. He could just as easily have called it Really Neat Boxes and I would have still bought them, but they are seriously really useful too.

5. Cost. I know they are more expensive than the usual boxes that most people buy at Walmart, but when you figure how many years they will last you versus how many times you have to replace the cheaper kind, there’s just no comparison. If a $20 box lasts you 10 or more years (probably forever the way these things are made) does it really matter if it was $5 more than an inferior product you’d have thrown out in a year? Not to me anyway, I want to spend money one time and have things that are consistently good even with age and wear and tear.

Nit Picky Negatives

If I wanted to be really nit picky with this company and point out one thing I don’t like, its that the UPC stickers and size stickers they use really stick on good and you have to use an adhesive remover to clean them up. If they used a different sticker material this would probably not happen, but its a very small price to pay to get the last box you’ll pretty much need to buy since it will last you so long. When I buy them from the factory new most often they pop right off, but when I get them from one of the office supply stores they really have to be taken off with something. Probably they have been sitting longer in a hot warehouse versus being freshly made so could be that’s why the stickers are on so good. A different material such as a vinyl cling may help that issue, but either way it won’t stop me from buying them and cleaning sticker goo off but it is work, so I thought I’d mention it.

Buying Really Useful Boxes Online

You can go to the Really Useful Box manufacturer’s website and have the boxes shipped to you, which I’ve done several times for the larger boxes that are not available locally to me anywhere. The shipping runs around $20 and increases by weight of what you add in the cart of $10 every pound or so you add. Keep that in mind and watch your cart, you don’t want to add a $2 small box and have it increase your shipping by an additional $10, its just not worth it.

Two stores that are probably near you you can buy them in locally so you don’t have to pay any shipping costs are Staples and Office Max / Office Depot. I usually buy Office Max discount gift cards because for some stupid reason they sell at a higher discount than the Office Depot cards even though the two companies merged and accept each others cards online.

My steps for buying them cheap are as follows:
1.  Log in to my Raise.com account and SaveYa.com account to see who has the better discount on Office Max gift cards. If its Raise I can get additional cash back, if its SaveYa I cannot but if the discount is good enough at the time I’ll use whichever gives me more off.
2.  If the best deal is Raise I log in to my CouponCabin.com account and search for Raise.com and activate the cash back link there.
3.  Then I go to Raise.com and buy the discount gift card. They email it near instantly.
4.  Then I go back to my CouponCabin.com account and look up Office Max / Office Depot and activate that cash back link.
5.  I do a quick Google search to find a code for $5 or $10 off, whatever the best I can get at the time happens to be.
6.  I add all the Really Useful Boxes to my cart that I want and select the ship to store option to pick up the boxes free locally. This is much cheaper than ordering directly from the company, but Office Max won’t have everything they sell so for some things you’ll still want to buy from the manufacturer, just in planned increments to maximize your shipping dollar.
7.  At checkout I apply the promo code I found, and apply my gift cards that I purchased at the discount rate.
8.  Before I checkout, if I have been a long time shopping I click back over to my CouponCabin.com account and activate that Office Max / Office Depot link one more time to make sure its still active for my session, then I place my order.

If you buy one of these or have one of these tell me what you do with yours, maybe I’ll want to copy your idea for my home too!

P.S. The Really Useful Box collapsible crate in your favorite color is a must have.


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